Fraxel Acne Scar Revision.

Fraxel is an excellent choice to minimize scars from acne.

You need a little numbing before treatment. Actual treatment takes only10 to 15 minutes. There is some swelling and redness but after icing there is no significant down time after one hour. Next day skin looks normal.

Client and I were both pleasantly surprised that the treatment had also evened out some sun damage discoloration!

IMG_E5037 (1).jpeg

The Perfect Skin Oll Control Laser Facial - 4 facials 3 weeks apart

This is our famous signature acne facial where we use our acne laser and specialized products and techniques developed over 25 years of experience in treating acne.

Sally came to me really distraught because no matter what she tried after a time her skin returned to the red inflamed condition.

After several treatments her skin improved so much we were able to do her facials 3 months apart with an occasional laser treatment in between.

These facials normalize the skin and prevent future breakouts while continuing to improve overall appearance.